Hill Climb Racing APK Game

Are you in love with the car racing game? Do you want to race high up to the moon? Then the hill climb racing apk game is for you.

This game will boost the enthusiasm of race lovers to race online. The simulation of the laws of physics and fun graphics makes the player experience the real hill climb racing game.

Hill climb racing apk game allows you to choose any kind of vehicle of your choice or according to the racing track. You can also design and create a vehicle according to your imagination.

Hill Climb Racing Game – Specifications: 

NameHill climb racing
Size57.53 MB

Hill Climb Racing Game Features:

  • There are more than 27 levels. Each level has numerous different races with lots of rewards.
  • You have the choice between 28+ types of vehicle and you can change vehicle at any point of the game.
  • It has attractive and cool graphics.
  • It has a smooth sprinkle of simulation of physics.
  • Each stage of the game has exciting and fun graphics, risks and challenges.
  • Huge amount of vehicles with advancement options.
  • You can design your vehicle with your ideas
  • Different parts to upgrade your vehicle.
  • Enthusiastic sound and fun music.
  • Feels the in both low and high resolutions.
  • Lift your confidence to make you back in action. 

Hill Climb Racing APK Game:

Hill climb racing game is all about its key character name as Newton Bill. Bill is an ambitious tough hill racer.

In the game you are the leading character that is Bill. Hence, now you have to experience the almost real racing. You are now free to race up to the moon and reached at the peak of the hills. In the game you will fantasized to reach to those places that you never saw before.

The hill climb racing APK game is based on the laws of physics. In the game, your character that is bill will face a lot of different and challenging missions.

There are more than 27 levels with uncountable number of races. So, you will have no time to stay at one place to spend some time of rest. Your biggest challenge of hill climb racing game to climb at the highest peak of the hill to accomplish your goals.

To experience the best of the racing the game will give you a number of different of options of the vehicles with the option of refilling of fuel.

With every win and accomplishment of every challenge, you will reward with gems and coins.  From that money you can work on the look of your racing character, buy a new vehicle for other challenges and fuel for it.

You can also upgrade the look of your existing vehicles. The game will provide you your competitors as this is a racing game.

It also provides you option for different vehicles like bike, car, truck, jeep even tank according to the mission you can buy them. The game will also provide you tunable parts like tires, engine, suspension etc.

The hill climb racing APK game will let you play the game offline. It also provides an ad free game.

For the best gaming experience, Hill climb provides attractive graphics. The game is design to provide the same best experience in low and high resolution. The real turbulence sound will add an enthusiasm to the player.

Hill climb racing apk game features:

  • Unlimited racing tracks
  • Offline play
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • No ads
  • Unlimited  fuel
  • Garage mode
  • Unlimited money
  • Upgrade your vehicle.


Yes the Hill Climb racing APK game is safe because it passed couple of tests before its launch.

Yes this is completely free and easy to download.

Yes, it is for the latest version of the original game.


The hill climb racing APK game will provide you an experience of real racing game. Its graphics and the mock of physics make you feel like you are at the racing track with a vehicle climbing the hills for real.

The hill climb racing AKP game will not only provide you unlimited options of vehicles with unlimited fuel and money, but it also let you experience an interrupt free game.

You can choose your vehicle with respect to your choice and the racing track. You can also upgrade and create your own designed vehicle.

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