Hill Climb Racing APK

Hill Climb racing APK helps the players to experience the game in a different level. In the original version of Hill Climb racing game you need to win races to unlock the assets. With the help of Hill Climb racing APK will unlock unlimited assets for the players at the initial levels. The assets include unlimited vehicles, fuel and money.

The MOD version of hill climb also unlocks all the levels of races at the beginning. Click the button to download hill climb MOD APK for free.

To know everything about the MOD version of the game, read the complete article.


NameHill Climb Racing
Published onSep 22, 2012
Size57.53 MB
DownloadGoogle play, App store, Microsoft, amazon 
MOD features
Updated onJune 23, 2021

Hill Climb Racing 3D Games:

Hill climb new version is revolving around the main character Newton Bill. Bill is an aspiring uphill racer. 

In the game with your hand the racer bill is now you. So be ready to ride your vehicle on the peak of hills where you can touch the moon. Your vehicle will take you even on those places where no one went before. 

The game is somehow based on laws of Physics. Bill, that is now you in the game, has different missions with different vehicles. 

You will have no time to stay at any place or take rest. Because you have to climb at the highest hill and conquer the unique hill climbing challenge, you will need different kinds of vehicles and a good amount of fuel to refill them. 

As you started accomplishing the goals, you will earn coins. From those coins you can do anything from the look of your character. to buying a new vehicle for the new challenge and fuel for it. 

You can also change or improve the look of your current vehicle. The game will provide you your competitors as this is a racing game. 

It also provides you option for different vehicles like bike, car, truck, jeep even tank according to the mission you can buy them. The game will also provide you tunable parts like tires, engine, suspension etc. 

There are number of different levels to reach at different countryside, hill, desert and the moon too. 

For the best gaming experience, Hill climb provides attractive graphics. The game is design to provide the same best experience in low and high resolution. The real turbulence sound will add an enthusiasm to the player. 

There is a garage mode that let you to customize your vehicle. The touch of Physics simulation in the game makes you feel you are playing it in the real world.


The new hill climb game is one of the most exciting racing games available. Following are the features that makes the game everyone’s favourite.

Hill Climb racing APK

The car hill climb racing APK is a altered variant of single game. This games is created and distributed by Fingersoft. Moreover, the mod variant of this game made by some annonymous developer. 

This form of Hill Climb Racing has all elements opened. In this form of Hill Climb Racing MOD APK, you will get Unlimited Money. You don’t have to go through cash from your pocket to purchase coins and diamonds. Since with the limitless cash you can purchase anything from this game. Your genuine cash will be saved. 

Day by day a large number of individuals of individuals come to web just to download Hill Climb Racing MOD APK Hack since this game is an exceptionally mainstream racing game. Well here we just discussed hacked variant. let’s explore the cracked version so you can have a clear differentiation between the original and MOD version.

Hill Climb racing MOD APK hack:

Hill Climb racing game was develop in the year 2012 by the Fingersoft publishers. Hill Climb is the best adventurous game in single-player and multiplayer video games. This game authoritatively made for Android yet later they delivered this game for iOS, Windows 10, Windows Phone. 

This is a racing video game that makes individuals exceptionally addictive toward Hill Climb Racing Cracked APK. Any individual who plays this game once, he jumps at the chance to play this game over and over. Since in this game there is a race with overflowing with experience, a vehicle must be strolled on the Hills. 

Aside from vehicles, there are a lot more vehicles in this game which you need to gather Coins during confident to open. Afterward, with the help of those coins, you can open any new vehicle. In any case, the quantity of coins needed to open any new vehicle or some other vehicle. You need to play this game for a long time to gather that many coins. 

You can open new normal or heavy vehicles just when you have a ton of coins. Assuming you need to open new vehicles without gathering coins, then, at that point you have 2 different ways, possibly you go through cash from your pocket and open your #1 vehicle or you can download the Hill Climb Racing MOD APK shared by us. 

Generally we see that no individual would need to go through his earned cash in games. Every time not many individuals go through cash in things like games, however you are not one of those couple of individuals who Spend Real Money to open vehicles. 

So here we have shared Hill Climb Racing MOD APK Unlimited Fuel for you. You will get every one of the vehicles opened in this game form just as you will likewise get Unlimited Fuel, Coins and Gems. 

It is presently delivered MOD variant, however this MOD continues refreshing soon, so Hill Climb Racing MOD APK Latest Version Bookmark this page for simple downloading.

Hill Climb Racing MOD APK for iOS, PC, Windows and Android

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK is a altered version of the first Climb Racing game which has been shared by some ambiguous programmers or developers and presently this can be utilized liberated from cost without paying a solitary penny in such manner. Here you will get max fuel, massive gems and every one of the vehicles opened. You can without much of a stretch drive till the last stage with the assistance of limitless coins. Coins and limitless measures of fuel and gas and every one of the vehicles you can open, this mode is loaded with heavenly provisions. 

You can download Climb Racing Mod APK for your PC, IOS and Android devices. It is totally free without paying a solitary penny. Download Climb Racing 2 Mod APK for your Jio phone and share in the daring world of vehicle hustling in slopes and mountains, utilize the vehicles of your decision, redesign them by utilizing various types of motors with various forces. 

In case you are feeling that whether you download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK or don’t? Then, at that point here we kindly to educate you that each application that is presented here on this stage is tried for its working, bug and malware. In the event that it finishes the assessment, we share it for everybody. I continue to refresh this game routinely, so on the off chance that somebody needs notices about updates of Hill Climb Racing, don’t go anyplace, our idea is to bookmark this page.

Hill Climb Racing APK – Features:

Although hill climb new version has a lot of great features that provides you a great experience of gaming. But with the help of modified version you will enjoy many other features. Once you started playing with the cracked version of the Hill Climb you will always love to play with this.

Following are the features provided by Hill Climb MOD APK:

  • Offline play: Although internet is one of the main necessities nowadays, but due to some reasons it is sometimes unreachable to some places or the network become very low.  In this case it is very irritating for a gaming person to break his momentum. So, the cracked version of Hill Climb will provide you to enjoy the game without any interruption by the internet connections.
  • Unlimited choice of vehicles: If you play with the original version of Hill Climb, you will allow unlocking only 29 vehicles at a time which will become bore at a point. the cracked version of the game will provide you almost all the cars unlocked already. So whenever you are getting bored with one car you can switch to another. The vehicles that are in the game are jeep, motocross bike, monster truck, tractor, hippie van, one wheeler, quad bike, tourist bus, race car, police car, ambulance, fire truck, snow mobile, super off-road, and many more. 
  • Unlimited levels: Hill Climb will never you let you become bores. It has 28 levels and each level has a number of exciting races. When you download and started using the MOD version of Hill Climb you will get numerous exciting races one after the other. Each race becomes harder and more fun so as each level.
  • Customize vehicles: The Hill Climb game will not only make you love in racing but it also increases your excitement for the love of vehicles. If you have any creative idea for you vehicle or you want to customize your vehicle, you can use the garage mode for this. The Hill Climb MOD APK will help you to design and develop you vehicle according to your creativity.
  •  Upgrade your vehicle: Hill Climb MOD APK will not only allow you to design your vehicle according to your creativity. But I also help you to upgrade your vehicle with different tunable and spare parts. The parts through which you can upgrade your vehicle are tires, engine, suspension and the 4WD of your vehicles. 
  • Unlimited fuel: As this game is all about vehicles for racing, fuel is a very important product. In the original version of the game, the fuel runs out in very short time. With the help of the MOD version of Hill Climb provide you limitless amount of fuel. This feature of MOD will always help you to win every race.
  • Unlimited coins: In the real game, after every winning or completion of challenge you will earn some coins. These coins will help you to purchase different their tuning parts, your characters’ appearance (like clothes, shoes), fuel for your vehicles and lot more. But in the cracked version you will not have to worry about these things. Because first of all they are limitless and free for you and secondly you have unlimited number of coins and gems.    
  • No adds: Nowadays one of the most disturbing things is the continue interruption of adds. The gamer lost his momentum by the appearance of adds during the game. It is irritating at the same as well. So, the cracked version of Hill Climb will provides you an uninterrupted gaming experience by not allowing the adds to pop up during the game,   

Hill Climb Racing MOD APK – pros and cons:

  • No interruption
  • Unlimited vehicles
  • Everything is unlocked
  • Unlimited fuel
  • Create or upgrade your vehicle
  • Unlimited money
  • Because everything is free and unlimited, you might lose the amusement at a point

Hill Climb MOD APK – Download:

The Hill climb car race game free download is pretty much as simple as making noodles. Like each individual who has never made noodles, he can make noodles exclusively by taking a look at the way, similarly by seeing way; Hill Climb Racing Hacked APK can likewise be downloaded. We have clarified the bit by bit strategy underneath, read every one of the means individually and follow. To download the game with no issue, you read these means cautiously.

  • Step 1 – Click on Download Button: Uninstall Hill Climb Racing APK whenever introduced and Now you need to press on the download button we have given.
  • step 2 – Go to File Manager: Once you click on the download button your downloading will begin now go to file manager and search APK File. 
  • Keep in mind – To Install This MOD Version you need to Enable Unknown Source from your android device setting. Until you allow it. you cannot introduce the MOD form of any application. 
  • step 3 – Install Hill Climb Racing Hack: Now tap on that APK document of Hill Climb Racing MOD APK you have downloaded. When you tap on that your application will be in your device. 
  • step 4 – Launch Hill Climb Racing MOD APK: Now the Hill Climb Racing game will be in your device. Tap on that to begin and enjoy the game.


Yes the Hill Climb MOD APK is absolutely safe to use. This cracked version passed different tests like working, bugs and malware before uploading for the world to use.

The user will get the access of unlimited vehicles, fuel and coins.

Yes you can increase features in your vehicle by using the garage mode for redesign and upgradeation.

Yes, it is for the latest version of the original game.

Yes this is absolutely free and easy to download.


Car climbing games are always the most favourite choice of the sports lovers. Hill Climb racing game is the choice of over 50 million people. On Play Store, it has a rating of over 4+. 

We personally suggest this game to you. As this game is not just a racing game but it has a lot of fun to do specially for car lovers. This game will make you feel that you are at the real track of racing. 

This game will make you explore a lot about vehicles and different tracks. The hill climb racing APK will allow you to experience the game in a different level. As it faster and allow you to choose between unlimited options of everything. 

The article above provides you a complete detail about both the original and cracked version.